Way Outside My Comfort Zone

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going on a mission trip to Colombia with some people from my church.  The night before we left, I had attended a UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery Alumni party.  It was great to get reacquainted with some of my old colleagues.  While eating dinner, one of my former professor’s wife asked me about my summer plans.  I told her about my upcoming mission trip.  es file explorer apk She had assumed that I was going to operate on under-served children.  When I explained that I was going to teach English as a second language, she was flabbergasted.  She asked, “do you speak Spanish?”  Unfortunately, I took French in college and the only “Spanglish” I knew was limited to the phrases I had picked up at Parkland Hospital.

I have some expertise in surgery, but this trip called viva video app download for a knowledge of phonics rules and a willingness to serve.  Granted, I felt way outside of my own comfort zone, but God used us to help those kids that we worked with….meeting them at their perceived need.  We had a blessed trip.  My encouragement to you is don’t feel that you have either nothing to give back in this crazy world or too inflexible to leave your comfort zone.  God doesn’t always call the equipped, He equips the called.  Be a blessing out there this week.