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Should I reconsider a plastic surgeon if they do not use the Keller funnel when placing implant?

I consulted with two surgeons in my area, one uses the Keller funnel and one does not. Both surgeons have their pros and cons. I however believe that the Keller funnel would be pretty imperative in reducing capsular contracture(CC), should I still consider the other surgeon whom doesn’t use it? Can I ask if they would consider using it? Is it normal for a plastic surgeon to not have a rate of CC when asked for it?

Answer by Dr. Craig E. Harrison:

Use of a Keller Funnel in breast augmentation may decrease your risk of CC but it is not a guarantee that it will not occur.   There are no conclusive studies in the literature to mandate it as the standard of care.  The exact etiology of capsular contracture is not completely understood.  CC rates are difficult to assess for many reasons.  Breast augmentation patients are often young and mobile so follow-up, Fix download videoder apk to accurately document the cc rate, is logistically difficult.  If you feel use of the Keller Funnel is important to your result then finding a plastic surgeon that uses it is your choice.  Not using a Keller Funnel does not imply a divergence from best practices in plastic surgery. I know just as many great plastic surgeons that use it as don’t use it.  Other skin barrier methods have been employed with similar goals and results.  There are many ways to skin this cat, so to speak.  The use of a Keller Funnel should not the most important factor to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon; experience, rapport and an understanding of your goals is.