Game of Thrones is most famous series that has huge following the series. The novel of George R Martin’s was also compared to the show and it brings us the ultimate books V/s TV arguments all over. In this article we will tell u about the five best Game of Thrones Prequel series ideas, have a look.

The Blackfyre Rebellions:

 The House Blackfyre has a long, complicated relationship with the House Targaryen which was founded by Daemon Blackfyre. The Blackfyre Rebellions will also make an effort to cross the several other prequel ideas that are inclusive of the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Moreover, the appeal could be hard enough and could also be led by the chosen front. The series is said to be very much similar to the Dance of Dragons. The series can be easily made in 4-5 seasons depending upon the lump of the war.

The War of the Nine Penny Kings:

The end of the House Blackfyre series fled across the Narrow Sea to ESSOS. The Ninepenny Kings was launched with an invasion of the Westeros and King Jaehaerys II Targaryen in the repeal of the invasion. The series is set a mere of forty years before the Game of Thrones Season 7 familiar with the known characters. The time has come to make some of the development and is also said to be interesting. However, the prequel will not be the leap that some of the others will be expected to be.

Dorne – the Series:

 Dorne – the series is entirely focused on the Kingdom of Drone’s long and rich history. The entire story is very interesting, and the version is very much liked by all the fan lovers. The series has an ultimate focus on the adventures happening beyond the dawn in the series. But it is said that the film will be having some emissive scenes to be shot likely. Before ending up the series, some more time will be given with Oberyn Martell.

The Long Night:

The Long Night is yet another prequel idea of the series. This show is very much liked and is marked as the first coming of the White Walkers. The long night begins to be the winter fell over the entire world that is said to be lasting for generations at the time. In the series, the team up with the children of the Forest is said to be naughty for the legendary that helps to connect the series with the current one easily.

The War of the Children and the First Men:

The war of the children and the first men is all set from the past ten thousand years which is considered to be often the case when two different cultures meet up for the first time followed by the war among them. In the prequel form, it falls under the best idea category.