How to Reset Default Login Router Passwords

While we are using a laptop or notebook to setup wireless network with a wireless router, we sometimes can’t login into the router with its default IP address, the webpage shows nothing or an error page, what is the problem and how does it happen?

Please remember, the correct method of accessing your router is to enter http: // And please also note that different brands of routers have different default management IP addresses which you can refer to my previous article, and these routers always allow you to modify the default address. You can also refer to the specific address mentioned in your router’s manual if you still have it. And there’s another point I need to mention, in general the address’ default port is 80, while we visit the address, we always omit the port number, if you’ve modified the port number, you need to enter the complete address, for example, http: //

How to login IP address?

Just copy paste or type manually that to your browser, for reaching the user interface of your router. Also, you can reach your user interface easily by clicking on the entering button from our site, if you wish.

After reaching the user interface, the most common problem experienced by users is entering the wrong password. That’s because over time, many users may forget or do not know the unused passwords. If you do not know your user name and/or password for your modem, see the detailed information below.

To access the management apparatus of this class have special tools. In the beginning it was only available through protocols telnet or the ssh . Now on all devices household level has a Web interface by which even an ordinary user can make the settings to connect to the Internet and raise wireless home WiFi network. It is still very often referred to as “personal account” page or the “site of the router.” Make entry to the web interface is simple – just open your web browser.

The first thing you encounter when trying to enter the router through – a request login and password. In 99% of cases, is used to enter a login and password admin / admin. True, many current models makes it possible for security reasons after the first entry into the configuration password is required to change on their own, unique.

Possible options for the password on devices from different manufacturers:

  • 1234 (Zyxel)
  • user
  • administrator
  • support
  • epicrouter (CNET’s)
  • the ZXDSL (ZTE)
  • password
  • empty string (no password set – D-Link)